Mavera Sefa

Experience and Quality meets in Mavera Sefa. 

Mavera Sefa is built with the latest construction technology. The Project has many extraordinary details. Mavera Sefa consist one block and 158 residences and it consists of 4 commercial areas. Each one is equipped with meticulously selected materials. The brightness of our residence are remarkable. 

Architecture from the future...

With its modern and original architecture, Mavera Sefa offers you comfort and peace thanks to its stylish and modern residence apartments that well above standards of living and enable you to live a luxurious life.  

Life comfort and peace of mind...

When you come home from work, you can leave all your exhaustion behind and you can have a wonderful rest.

The next generation grow and prosper with safety and joy in Mavera Sefa. 

With Topuzlar Construction Guidance.
In the heart of Istanbul, in the centre of life.

Konumu, Ulaşım Olanakları, Sosyal İmkanları, Çevre Konsepti, Kaliteli ve Kullanışlı Mimari Yapı ve dahası... Topuzlar Yapı Güvencesi ile İstanbul’un kalbinde hayatın merkezinde...

Project Start: 05.09.2017

Project Delivery: 30.12.2018

Description: 17,000 m2 area, 4 Commercial Units, 158 Houses, 162 Total Independent Unit

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