Topuzlar Yapı

Topuzlar Yapı

TOPUZLAR Construction which left 19 years behind in the sector that built more than 1.000 houses, combining the principle of "Comfortable Ergonomic Living areas" adopted with the steady growth in Istanbul and experience in residential projects, with the sensitivity to the environment and the respect for the human values.

Keep Going

TOPUZLAR Construction, which takes peace and security in the front position that it aims to show all people have the right to a good life and they can access them.

TOPUZLAR Construction which aims to share the experience of 19 years with all people that always is going forward. In the next professional goals, the TOPUZLAR Construction advances with all its possibilities to take place among the first names that come to mind when social responsibility projects, which protect the environment sensitive to nature, are mentioned.

Additionally, our aim to act with the slogan called "KEEP GOING" to sign new projects that create progressive awareness and add value to the society. We know that we owe it to the country and its people.

Our Catalogs

We have carried out many projects such as MAVERA RESIDENTS, MAVERA CİTY, MAVERA AHSEN, TOPUZLAR HOTEL, MAVERA SEFA and MAVERA VILLA by signing successful projects that the country's economy, employment, investors benefited in every aspect, have adopted the principle that stance in future projects.


Complated Projects

Our most valid references are the precious projects we have made up to now. The fact that we have done better in each project is a guarantee for our future projects.

Mavera Ahsen

Vespia Hotel

Mavera City

Mavera Residence

Topuzlar Cadde

Topuzlar Plaza