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Trust we give is the source of our success.

TOPUZLAR Construction was established as a family business in 1998. Our company, which was built in various regions of Istanbul, started working on the project basis under the management of Faruk TOPUZ in 2005. It is currently actively serving.

TOPUZLAR Construction which left 19 years behind in the sector that built more than 1.000 houses, combining the principle of "Comfortable Ergonomic Living areas" adopted with the steady growth in Istanbul and experience in residential projects, with the sensitivity to the environment and the respect for the human values. We have carried out many projects such as MAVERA RESIDENTS, MAVERA CİTY, MAVERA AHSEN, TOPUZLAR HOTEL, MAVERA SEFA and MAVERA VILLA by signing successful projects that the country's economy, employment, investors benefited in every aspect, have adopted the principle that stance in future projects.

TOPUZLAR Construction is proud of bringing qualified workmanship from architecture to landscaping, arrangements with sales and after-sales customer and investor. It aims to provide real benefit to investor with qualified workmanship that does not disappoint investors. TOPUZLAR Construction will continue to work with all their efforts to be worthy of this trust.

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